GEO Innovations Ltd... an international company bringing together highly qualified associate consultants with wide experience of business and projects in the navigation, earth observation, communications and scientific sectors in the satellite industry. The company was formed in 2010, specifically to provide dedicated and focused consultancy and technical engineering services to the satellite industry.

This invaluable experience provides our clients with solutions that not only improves efficiency, performance, successful acceptance testing, product launch or strategy realisation but will also endure and adapt throughout the system or business life cycle. Since GEO Innovations Ltd is an independent consultancy, the advice and solutions proposed for a client will be completely impartial.

Our business and management consultants have experience across the entire hierarchy of large international businesses working within a highly dynamic and rapidly evolving technological environment.  Our team is well placed to support our clients in turning vision into achievement in a multi-cultural and international environment.

Why Chose Us?


Our specialists and consultants have on average ten years of experience in developing and defining high quality solutions. Our people have been involved with projects and organisations over the long term. They have seen the development of programmes from inception through to maintenance and final decommissioning. 

About Us

Created in 2010, specifically to address the specialist needs of the international satellite industry, GEO Innovations has since developed a strong reputation amongst the key global players and decision makers in the field. GEO Innovations is uniquely positioned to provide a strong executive level management service, as well as operational management and solutions in a time critical and international environment.

Want to know more?

We believe that our Association of highly experienced consultants has the right combination of skills that are likely to be required by your organisation. We hope that we have presented our abilities and experience adequately at this stage. Should you have specific requirements that you would like to discuss we would be pleased to arrange for one of our consultants to visit you. Alternatively, if you are interested in knowing more about our consultants' achievements on specific programmes we would be pleased to provide you with more information about our skills and achievements.